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Comments on Our Performance

Mike Cape, P.G./WisDOT

"Himalayan has done the best job for hazmat assessment on WisDOT projects. I can't think of another firm whose work is of higher quality, efficiency, or professional."

Ken Wade, P.E., P.G. /WisDOT (Retired)

"The report is excellently prepared and the well organized format along with the report's comprehensive documentation allows for very efficient planning of the additional hazmat assessment required for this project."

Dennis Skory, P.E., Const. Finals Reviewer/WisDOT

"Of the more than 50 Construction projects I have checked in the past two years this is first project in which my in-depth review resulted in the Construction Project Leader not being required to make corrections to his records."

Mission statement

�Our goal is to provide the best quality services in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible.�

Gopal K. Adhikary
P.E., President

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